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Silicone Cover For Iphone And Plus

Design silicone cover for iphone and plus ; silicone phone case; silicone watch belt sucker key cover dice and silicone coin purse Fashionable silicone watch belt, the choice of organic environmental silicone, wear durable, soft material feel comfortable, high-quality texture, we specialize in the production of silicone products.


Silicone phone case/cover has good elasticity, abrasion resistance, environmental protection and high temperature resistance.The early silicone cellphone cases are all pure color, because of the continuous optimization and progress of the technology now most of the market with color!This kind of mobile phone cover is exported mostly, Europe and the United States developed country USES more.With the rise of iphone products in recent years, a large number of domestic demand for silicone cellphone cases has been driven, and the largest market factories producing such silicone cases are mainly in the Yangtze river delta and pearl river delta.

Advantages of silicone phone case/cover: easy to use, dustproof, fingerprint proof, easy to handle;Soft and hard moderate, mobile phone silicone sleeve will have a certain degree of softness to protect the phone;There are many kinds of mobile phone silicone cases, there are many different specifications of patterns, you can change different mobile phone silicone cases every day or regularly to enrich your life.

Silicone phone case/cover disadvantages: apart from protecting the mobile phone, the silicone sleeve of the mobile phone is easy to get dirty, which will affect the heat dissipation performance of the mobile phone, increase the thickness of the mobile phone, and affect the use of the mobile phone.

Sample show:

silicone phone case



● Because of its beautiful and comfortable, suitable for the design of a series of electronic products, protective cover, watch belt, smart bracelet,wristbands etc.

● Oil resistance, high strength product characteristics

● Environmental protection, harmless to the environment

● Professional customized design for silicone rubber products

silicone phone case factory China


1.Are you a factory?

Yes, we are. we are a manufacturer in mobile phone cases, tablet pc covers, silicone products and other plastic and silicone parts with more than ten years experiences in Dongguan City, near ShenZhen. Sincerely welcome you to visit us when you have chance to China. A face to face meeting will increase deep understanding between us.

2.How is your service?

Your satisfaction is our target. we have high sense of responsibility for every customer. From the first minute you contact us, we will provide service to you responsive always. please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee the 100% full support to you from the quotation and after sales.


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