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Factory main products: Silicone Sweat Headband, Silicone case / cover, TPU mobile phone case / cover, PC case / cover,TPU+PC hybrid protective phone cover, silicone + pc + microfiber lining phone cover, table covers, mold design, development, production and export.


soft parts production,its products scope is not only forcus on phone protective case, and also involved kitchen parts, Silicone Sweat Headband,housing parts etc...Silicone Apple Case for iPhone X

Design principle of guide sweat band is very simple, is to make the forehead the front have a guide groove, water forehead sweat will flow directly into the grooves and whereabouts and flows along the grooves to cheek so sweat will not flow into the eyes.

In addition, the khan belt also has a special function, which is to fix the frames.The two ends of the khan belt have exactly two seams. You can insert the feet of the glasses and hold them firmly. The glasses will not swing in front of your eyes, nor will they fall due to sweat.

Silicone Sweat Headband

Silicone Sweat Headband

 IPhone X protective case



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